What Nurse Coaching Is

Nurse Coaching is an investment into your physical, social, spiritual and mental health and wellbeing. Together we will have powerful conversations that will inform new or changing goals and will put you on the path you were meant to travel. Collaboratively, we can tackle:

A new or worsening health diagnosis, 

Children with challenging behaviors,

Feeling stuck in life and unsure how to progress.

and more.......


I appreciated Lauren's ability to help me understand the need for self care. This is something I struggle with and with Lauren's encouragement I have been able to make changes that have made a positive impact for me personally and professionally.  Lauren was very easy to talk to and always made me feel comfortable. She was able to ask the right questions to help me challenge myself.   I am grateful I had the opportunity to be coached by Lauren. 


Before I started working with Lauren, I was already doing the right things as far as my overall health is concerned…or so, I thought.  But then, my schedule at work has gotten hectic and I was gradually forgetting to take care of myself. I was feeling stuck, and I didn’t know exactly what to do with my stressors which have been causing me numerous physical symptoms.  Lauren has made me more self-aware especially of the importance of mental and emotional health to my well-being.  During our sessions, Lauren has validated my feelings, taught me how to set healthy boundaries and empowered me, that I was able to make a bold move in my life which eventually lessened my neurological flare ups/physical pain and enhanced my positive outlook in life.  Lauren was very knowledgeable, empathetic, compassionate, very professional, and direct to the point.  I am so blessed to have been coached by Lauren and I appreciate her presence in my life at the time I needed it the most!  I have no doubt that she will be able to touch a lot of lives through her Nurse Coaching!


Mrs. Moore, What an answer to my prayers. I can’t express how grateful I am. Laurens helped give me a foundation for my health care, she asked a lot of questions, and allowed us to put together a program that would work best for my journey. Lauren painted a clear picture of what to expect, challenged me, and laid out the pro’s and con’s to come.We set goals and strategies for success. There weren't any unknowns, she listened and comforted me when I was unsure. If you are in need of health coach Mrs. Moore is the one you need to hire as your coach.

I am forever grateful.


My husband and I were so overwhelmed with the need to change his lifestyle when we were given the Congestive heart failure diagnosis. We didn’t understand how to eat and especially how to exercise when he was so weak. His medications were increasing constantly and Lauren really helped explain what they do, how they work, and how to take them. Without Lauren’s explanation of the medications and how this disease affects everything, we would still be so lost. We were really struggling with too low of blood pressures and the embarrassing side effects, and she helped isolate the medication causing the side effects and encouraged us to talk to our Dr. about it. Since making the changes his life has drastically increased. We are so thankful for her. 

Coach Lauren spent uninterrupted time with my daughter to listen to her and provide different coping skills when dealing with her anxiety at school. She offered a different lens to see her insecurities and promoted her confidence in a way that she could build upon it herself. She gave her permission to be nervous at school but also pushed her to go outside of her comfort zone and showed her ways to be successful at those risks.